Firstly, we'd like to start off by saying that what we offer here at the Strip Club Resorts is genuine. Our clients may have a little reservation about their vacation to start with, but that vanishes when they arrive at the resort and see that Strip Club Resorts is the real deal.

You’ll arrive at the airport on a warm afternoon before being whisked away to the VIP lounge for priority processing through security. A friendly driver holding a sign with your name on it will greet you before offering a brief 20-minute ride to our resort. Be sure to ask our driver about the local area or weather when you’re picked up: he loves to chat!

You’ll enter our compound and immediately feel at home after being greeted by our staff. The manager will be there to personally ensure you had a safe and enjoyable journey and once you’re familiar with our team, you’ll be given a tour of the complex as well as a visit to your room to see where you’ll be staying.

Your first day here at Strip Club Resorts is typically reserved for getting to know the environment, the staff and of course, the girls. After a few hours of hanging around the pool or down by the beach with the ladies, they'll head off to prepare for dinner and come back looking absolutely gorgeous, ready to spend a great night in your company. Dinner is served shortly after and our specialty is ensuring your complete satisfaction when it comes to dining: varied dishes from all over the world are presented and offered to you in any fashion you desire. All food is made-to-order by our full-time catering team.

When everyone's fed, people typically either stay by the pool or head out to town to enjoy the casinos and bars. While most come with every intention of spending the evening out, many guests prefer to stay at the resort. We find that evenings are typically dictated by the energy in the group: you can go out to party on the strip until sunrise or if guys at the resort want to keep the disco and drinks flowing by the pool, we're more than happy to turn the music up so you can dance all night.

Morning comes and you’ll be invited to join us for breakfast. We recommend you use this time to talk to the team about your evening and how you’re feeling. Be honest and upfront: it helps us improve your experience for the better. If you wish to organize companionship with a new girl, please do so as soon as possible. Letting us know during breakfast is ideal to make the necessary arrangements.

As for the daytime experience here at Strip Club Resorts: most people are so exhausted from a fantastic evening that they elect to stay by the pool or head down to the private stretch of beach we have to bask in the sun and get some of that crystal-clear water on their skin. The strip club resort actually has two pools, as well as a 12-person Jacuzzi. Of course, if you want to venture outside of the compound, we’ll make arrangements and give you the best information on where to go. The island has boat trips, horse riding treks, golf courses, casinos, adventure experiences and more. The resort is also just a few minutes away from world-class restaurants, an assortment of beautiful bars and other entertainment venues.

In a nutshell, what we offer is beautiful women, great food, a fantastic resort and essentially, every man's tropical paradise. If you like the sound of what we have to offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. Questions about our service are always welcome and we encourage you to ask about anything you're not sure of.