While we’re based here in one of the most beautiful places the world has to offer, Strip Club Resorts has had a history of booking and organizing trips to various parts of the world on behalf of our clients. Subject to availability and interest, you may want to experience a side of our planning in another part of the world.

Viking’s offers two main types of experiences, namely individual and grouped.


If you find yourself coming to our resort and falling for one of the girls, we’re able to arrange future engagements that stretch to all four corners of the globe. While most guys want to come back to the island, some choose to stay at a hotel closer to the airport for some personal time with the lady of their choice. Viking’s can also arrange holidays on behalf of you to various locations, although we do ask that you contact us well in advance to ensure availability of this service. For more information, visit our private experience page.


Travelling around the world with like-minded individuals can be fantastic. At Strip Club Resorts, we allow our guests to put their names into a potential list of people that want to travel to various parts of the world for an all-inclusive engagement. Our trips can go anywhere – Turkey, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba or across a number of countries within Europe. Rest assured that when you come on a trip with Strip Club Resorts, we’ll make sure that you’re getting the crème de la crème of travelling experience.

In order to ensure compatibility between guests and for us to prove ourselves worthy of extra holidays, we only allow clients that have visited us at the resort to engage in both individual and group visits.

Think of our trips as a VIP-style service that are only offered to our most trusted and valued clients!