When Strip Club Resorts first started, it quickly became apparent that a lot of connections were developing between the girls at our complex and the people who came on vacation with us.

While we initially discouraged any outside contact, we soon realized that it would be better for us to help and facilitate the romantic aspect of our visitors wherever possible. The result has been fantastic, and we’ve seen some great relationships develop over the years.

There’s no denying that when it comes to our erotic vacation service, a lot of the men who visit are financially stable, intelligent, affluent and above all else, know what they want from life. On the other side of things, Viking’s sources most of our women from Eastern Europe, as they typically boast traits our clients are looking for. Beauty, commitment and willingness are at the forefront of their personalities: they form deep connections and love lives of luxury and romance. When these two types of people combine, a perfect mix compatibility emerges.

While we’re not suggesting for a minute that coming to Strip Club Resorts will result in you finding a potential partner, or even making the promise that if you do fall for a companion here that she will feel the same, what we will say is that history regularly repeats itself at our villa and around two-dozen marriages have formed as a result of romances built through our erotic vacation service.

Casual encounters are also quite common, with many clients simply showing a preference toward a certain companion and making regular trips in order to see them or making alternative arrangements for them to spend time together.

Whether it’s marriage, romance, physical intimacy or friendships that you hope to find here at Strip Club Resorts, you can be confident that a good number of visitors before you have built amazing connections that last a lifetime.